Deceased Estate Advisory

Safe and secure treatment of an estates digital assets is paramount due to the self-sovereign nature these assets afford the holders of the security keys. Ensuring these digital assets are catalogued and access keys are protected is essential in situations regarding estates, particularly when multiple beneficiaries have an interest in the digital assets.

Bradshaw Knox is your trusted and impartial advisor when dealing with estate assets and probate We can assist with the process from start to finish by providing valuable services such as:

  • Portfolio Discovery
  • Location and Securing Access Information
  • Asset Valuation Services
  • Escrow & Secure Distribution to Beneficiaries
  • Disposal (Sale) of Digital Assets

Service Fee: Due to the bespoke nature of each portfolio and the sometimes-complex nature of dealing with deceased estates, this service is delivered on a per hour basis. An initial 30 min Consult is provided for AUD $100.

Existing Recovery & Inheritance Planning clientele receive the 30min consult for FREE and a further 10% discount for any ongoing services delivered throughout the process.

1. Exploration Consult
  • Overview of Nature of Digital Assets
  • Immediate Actions Required to secure assets
  • Discussion of Future Involvement and Requirements
  • One-hour initial consult

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