Time to Get your Affairs In Order?

Crypto Estate Planning Services

Time to Get your Affairs in Order

When unexpected events occur, safe and secure treatment of an Estate’s digital assets needs to be made in a timely manner. Due to the self-sovereign nature these assets afford the holders of the security keys, incorrect treatment can mean the loss of these assets either through malintent or mishandling.

Ensuring these digital assets are catalogued and access keys are protected is essential in situations regarding estates, particularly when multiple beneficiaries have an interest in the digital assets.

Make sure you protect the loved ones in your life by having a robust plan in place before you need it. 

Crypto Estate Planning

When is the right time to do your estate and succession planning?  NOW is the only correct answer! We understand that it is easy to put off these tasks as they can be overwhelming and to be honest a little bit unpleasant to think about.


At Bradshaw Knox we have you covered and will get you started on the right path to sleeping easy at night knowing you have done everything you can to ensure your loved ones are taken care of. 


Let us help you craft your In Case of Emergency Plan and Procedure so you can rest easy. You can opt to DIY using our detailed online videos, or go for the white glove approach and be expertly guided through the process.


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Crypto Estate Advisory Services

Bradshaw Knox is your trusted and impartial advisor when dealing with estate assets and probate We can assist with the process from start to finish by providing valuable services such as:

  • Portfolio Discovery
  • Location and Securing Access Information
  • Asset Valuation Services
  • Escrow & Secure Distribution to Beneficiaries
  • Disposal (Sale) of Digital Assets

Our Trusted Advisor Service is like having a blockchain expert on retainer. You will be able to list Bradshaw Knox as your trusted and impartial advisor on any of your crypto In Case of Emergency Plans. This will give your loved ones the assurance that someone has their back and can assist with the technical side of securing any digital assets and ensuring the safe transfer of any assets. 

Service Fee: Due to the bespoke nature of each portfolio and the sometimes-complex nature of dealing with deceased estates, this service is delivered on a per hour basis. An initial 1hr Consult will be required to assess any immediate actions required and determine the path forward.

Existing Crypto Estate Planning or Trusted Advisor clientele receive the 1hr consult for FREE and a further 15% discount for any ongoing services delivered throughout the Deceased Estate process.

Crypto Estate Consult
Initial Consultation and Advice


Ideal for Beneficiaries, Executors, Accountants and Lawyers.

Solutions and advice can be discussed to ensure the Estates Digital Assets are safe and secure.


  • Overview of Nature of Digital Assets
  • Immediate Actions Required to secure assets
  • Discussion of Future Involvement and Requirements
  • One-hour initial consult


Once your purchase is confirmed you will be emailed a link where you can book in a suitable appointment time.



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Trusted Advisor Service
1 Yr Trusted Advisor Subscription


Ideal if you are looking for a blockchain expert to assist your loved ones with the safe transfer of your digital assets in case of an emergency situation.


  • List Bradshaw Knox as Trusted Advisor in your Plan
  • One Hour Annual Health Check on your Plan
  • Peace of mind someone has your back
  • 35% Discount for clients who continue this service ($129pa)
  • 15% Discount on Estate Advisory Services if Ever Required
  • 10% Discount on Operational Security Consultation Service



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