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Inheritance & Recovery Planning

Our memory is never as good as we remember

Bradshaw Knox

The advent of digital assets such as Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, has seen individuals take ownership, control and responsibility of their own wealth storage. This amazing breakthrough in the level of control we have over our finances also brings some challenges in the way we plan for the inevitable. Given the level of control individuals now have over their sovereignty, it is important to have an accurate record of what assets are held, and how they would be retrieved in the event of the original holder being unable to access these assets.

These digital assets have shifted from being a “mere novelty”, into a real financial asset that needs to be protected simply due to the financial value they now represent. Having a solid Inheritance and Recovery plan is now more important than ever, the Inheritance and Recovery Plan will ensure your legacy is protected and accessible for future generations to come.

  • VIP and Trusted advisor records
  • Point in time Asset Snapshots
  • Action plan for loved ones & Will Executors
  • Secure Storage using Blockchain Technology

Service Fee: This service can be accessed as either a self-service feature in the Client Portal, or as a Premium full-service conducted by one of our digital asset specialists.

This services is due to be release in July 2021, make sure you come back soon.

Concierge Assisted
$1,995 Billed Annually
  • All Essential features plus
  • Concierge assisted Quarterly Plan Updates
  • Bradshaw Knox as Trusted Advisor (optional)
  • Discovery of Assets (optional)
  • Concierge assisted Plan creation
  • Will Storage Service Included
  • 10% Discount on Deceased Estate Advisory Services if Required

Choose this option if you want the red-carpet treatment and wish to have one of our digital asset experts assist with the creation and maintenance of your plan, and you want the security of knowing a trusted advisor will be there to assist your loved ones when they most need it. Buy Now