Private Key Recovery Services

Sometimes the best intentions can produce undesired results, unfortunately when dealing with self-storage of digital assets this can result in losing the ability to access and control your assets, which may be of significant worth.

While many of these instances can be catastrophic and result in total loss of the assets, there are some instances where the recovery process can yield positive results. Our recovery services aim to restore your access and control in circumstances such as:

  • Recovery of lost or forgotten Passphrases
  • Restoration of partial Seed-phrases

Service Fee: Due to the unique nature of each situation an initial consult is provided for AUD $100. Once engaged for recovery services the fee is based on successful recovery of funds, at a rate of 15% of funds recovered.

1. Exploration Consult
  • Overview of Nature of Digital Assets
  • Immediate Actions Required to secure assets
  • Discussion of Future Involvement and Requirements
  • One-hour initial consult

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