Is it Time to Give Your Security a Boost?

Crypto Storage and Security

Is it Time to Give Your Security a Boost?

The true attraction and importance of digital assets such as bitcoin is not just the financial store of value they represent, but more so the fact that they can be held and controlled by the owner without any middleman, essentially you can be your own bank. With this level of freedom also comes an increased level of responsibility.

Understanding this, it is important to make sure your digital assets and associated access information is using best practice methods to ensure your funds as safe and sound.

Storing your Crypto Safely 

At Bradshaw Knox we understand the importance of  self-sovereignty, we also appreciate the requirement in finding the correct balance between security and usability, we call this The Security Spectrum.

Get started in this space the secure way. No compromises approach to storing and operating safely in the crypto world. This service will get you up and running quickly and using best practice for storing digital assets. Do it right the first time and rest easy knowing you have your digital assets safe and sound. 

At Bradshaw Knox we have you covered and will get you started on the right path. You can opt to DIY using our detailed online videos, or go for the white glove approach and be expertly guided through the process.

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Crypto Security Advisory Services

If you require dedicated assistance with setting up or improving the way you store your digital assets, we are here to help. Let us work with you to find the perfect solution for your requirements by providing:


  • Advice regarding software and hardware solutions
  • Auditing of your current Security Environment 
  • Security Environment Advisory Service
  • Hands on Implementation of Secure Solutions
  • Dry-run recovery testing (disaster recovery)

Private Key Recovery Services

Sometimes the best intentions can produce undesired results, unfortunately when dealing with self-storage of digital assets this can result in losing the ability to access and control your assets, which may be of significant worth.

While many of these instances can be catastrophic and result in total loss of the assets, there are some instances where the recovery process can yield positive results. Our recovery services aim to restore your access and control in circumstances such as:

  • Recovery of lost or forgotten Passphrases
  • Restoration of partial Seed-phrases

Service Fee: Due to the unique nature of each situation an initial consult is required to assess the viability of recovery. Once engaged for recovery services the fee arrangement will be agreed upon and could be based on per hour or successful recovery of funds depending on the nature of the recovery process required.

Crypto Security Consult
Operational Security Assistance

  • Use as you wish for assistance with Security Setup and Advice
  • Remote Access using Zoom if required (at clients discretion)
  • No passwords, Seeds or Client’s Personal Access information will be exposed
  • Hands-on guidance to implement your security environment
  • Minimum 1 hour booking per session

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Recovery Services Consult
One-hour initial consult

  • Assessment of the Security Issue
  • Discussion of Expectations of Recovery
  • Understand the extent of the portfolio at Risk
  • Immediate Actions Required to secure assets
  • Outline Recovery Actions and Method 
  • Discuss Recovery Arrangement and Fees



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