Self-Custody Operational Security

The true attraction and importance of digital assets such as bitcoin is not just the financial store of value they represent, but more so the fact that they can be held and controlled by the owner without any middleman, essentially you can be your own bank. With this level of freedom also comes an increased level of responsibility.

Now understanding this,it is important to make sure your digital assets and associated access information is using best practice methods to ensure your funds as safe and sound.

While we understand the importance of self-sovereignty, we also appreciate the requirement of off-site trusted storage to protect your access information. Finding the correct balance of self-sovereignty and disaster protection is a spectrum, let us work with you to find the perfect solution for your requirements by providing:

  • Trusted Offline Secure Storage of Access Information
  • Secure Storage Auditing
  • Security Environment Advisory Service
  • Implementation of Secure Solutions
  • Dry-run recovery testing (disaster recovery)

Service Fee: Due to the bespoke nature of each portfolio and the sometimes-complex nature of dealing with deceased estates, this service is delivered on a per hour basis. An initial 30 min Consult is provided for AUD $100.

Initial Operational Security Consult
  • Understand the extent of client’s portfolio
  • Identify Operation Security Weaknesses  
  • Highlight any Immediate Actions Required to Secure Assets
  • Discussion of Future Involvement and Requirements
  • 30min Initial Consult only
  • Follow up Operational Security Assistance is booked at a per hour rate

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Operational Security Assistance – 1 Hr
  • Use as you wish for assistance with Security Setup and Advice
  • Remote Access using Zoom if required (at clients discretion)
  • No passwords, Seeds or Client’s Personal Access information will be exposed
  • Hands-on guidance to implement your security environment
  • Minimum 1 hour booking per session

Note: if you wish to have a number of sessions just increase the QTY on the cart page to add extra hours. Buy Now