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Products & Services - what we do

Self-Custody Storing Crypto Safely


  • Advice regarding software and hardware solutions
  • Auditing of your current Security Environment
  • Security Environment Advisory Service
  • Hands on Implementation of Secure Solutions
  • Dry-run recovery testing (disaster recovery)

 Crypto Estate Planning and Advisory


  • In Case of Emergency (ICE) Succession Plans
  • Deceased Estate Assistance
  • Portfolio Discovery
  • Location and Securing Access Information
  • Asset Valuation Services
  • Secure Distribution to Beneficiaries
  • Disposal (Sale) of Digital Assets
  • Trusted Technical Advisor Service

Private Key Recovery Services


  • Recovery of forgotten Passphrases
  • Restoration of partial Seed-phrases

SeedVault – Ultimate Protection for your Seed and Pass Phrases

Seed phrases are the keys to your “digital vault”, so you need to protect them from prying eyes, as well as physical destruction!


SeedVault offers you the ultimate physical protection for your seed-phrases and pass-phrases. How do we know this, well we punished these devices by torching them until they were “cherry red” so we know they can handle the heat!


Easy to Use and simple in design, SeedVault is crafted from stainless steel using a laser etching process which ensures they can withstand brutal physical forces and survive it all.

“Lost coins only make everyone else’s coins worth slightly more.  Think of it as a donation to everyone.”


Our Principles

Financial Empowerment

We are at the dawn of an age where the ability to take control and responsibility of our own financial security is upon us. We exist to usher in this age of empowerment and freedom for all to enjoy.

Economic Freedom

Having wealthy “citizens” provides freedom of choice and empowers them to do good for their fellow man. We believe once the financial shackles are removed, much good can be achieved with the time this freedom releases.

Self Sovereignty

Self-sovereignty is important to us, ownership and control of your digital assets and wealth is what drives us. Individuals should have the right to control their own destiny.

What make us different

Your Data, Controlled by You

All sensitive data you create when using our services is owned and controlled by you, this is important. Our company cannot access your data unless you decide that you would like us to have access as a trusted advisor, YOU choose this not us.

You Decide where Your Data is Stored

You can decide where your data is stored, this could be on a host you control, or one of the many public encrypted data storage nodes available to you, whichever you choose your data is only accessible by you and those you choose to share it with.

Cryptographically Secured by the Blockchain!

We make use of the same technology which you trust to secure your Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Blockchain! Immutable records you know you can trust, because it can be verified.

“The rabbit hole goes deep, but the entrance is just a single step away, enjoy this wild adventure.”


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Taking back Control of the Internet

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