The Basics of Crypto Currencies and Digital Assets

About Course

If you are just getting started in the world of Digital Assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and wish to get a good grounding in the basics, this Course is for you.


This course is an introductory level, if you would like more detailed information on how to secure and manage your digital assets check out the Secure Storage and Transfer of your Digital Assets course.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding of the core concepts of digital assets
  • How Digital Assets secured (a high level overview)
  • What gives these assets Value
  • What are Blockchains and Digital Ledgers
  • What are Addresses, Wallets and Access Codes
  • A Brief introduction to the Web3.0 World

Course Content

Basic Introduction to Digital Assets

  • Introduction
  • Topics We Will Cover
  • Value – The Characteristics of Money
  • Value – Legacy Finance Vs The Brave New World
  • What Is a Blockchain
  • Wallets Address and Access Keys
  • What is Web3.0
  • Closing Remarks