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Mint Your Own Fun

Cavoodles (5555 edition) 


Introducing “Cavoodles” – Unleashing the Extraordinary World of NFTs to PulseChain


The Cavoodles are here to kick off the NFT world on Pulsechain. With a limited supply of 5555 unique tokens, this collection is set to redefine rarity and exclusivity with a fun twist that gives a nod to the PulseChain community.


Cavoodles is set to make its grand entrance on PulseChain, a platform known for its lightning-fast transactions and vibrant community. The launch on PulseChain ensures a seamless and exhilarating experience for collectors, with enhanced efficiency and incredible scalability.


Now, let’s talk about the hidden gems. Within the Cavoodles collection lies a mysterious secret(or two), waiting to be discovered by some lucky collectors. Will you be the fortunate one to uncover the hidden treasure? Each Cavoodle NFT holds the potential for unexpected surprises, making every acquisition an adventure.


Don’t miss your chance to be a part of history. Secure your place in the Cavoodles collection, and embrace the thrill of owning a unique token that represents a new era in NFTs on PulseChain. The countdown has begun, and the Cavoodles are eager to embark on this incredible journey with you.


Technical Information:

Viewing your NFTs on PulseChain can be done directly via the Block explorer by viewing the contracts transactions or your wallets transactions made with the CAVS contract. 


Contract address: 0xd94Eb31d0eeDBdDd4D568148128098CD1E67748e


We are still early in Blockchain and the NFT sector of this space, so wallets such as Metamask, Rabby and other browser extensions have differing support for NFTs. However, on Metamask you can import your NFTs using the contract address for CAVS and the token ID of the NFT you have been provided (check the block explorer).

When NFT market places such as Mintra and PixlePark go live on Pulsechain we will see more options for viewing and interacting with these assets.