DWG Tax and Estate Planning Package + 1 Yr Trusted Advisor Subscription

$1,899.00 for now and $99.00 for each 1 year

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Nexus Annual Crypto Tax Reporting 


Professional Tax Report:

        • Up to 2,500 txs
        • 7 Wallet/exchanges
        • 10 NFTs
        • Tailored support Client Liaison
        • No More Self Tracking Required
        • Keep your Current Accountant
        • Remove the EOFY Headache



Estate Planning – White Glove Service


Access to Online Courses Covering:

        • Crypto Currency Basics
        • Understanding Self Custody
        • Secure Storage of Digital Assets
        • Estate Planning Blueprint


Professional Guidance* to assist with:

        • Information Gathering
        • Creating In Case of Emergency (ICE) Document
        • Implementing any software required
        • Creating In Case of Emergency (ICE) Procedure



1Yr Trusted Advisor Subscription 

Peace of mind someone has your back:

        • List Bradshaw Knox as Trusted Advisor
        • One Hour Annual Health Check
        • 50% Extended Discount for DWG members who continue the service
        • 15% Discount on Estate Advisory Services if Ever Required


Bonus:  1st 20 Orders get a free Seedvault Protection Pack


* Capped at 10hrs