Mega Course Bundle – Guard Your Digital Legacy


About Bundle

In this course bundle you will get a comprehensive understanding of how secure and manage your digital assets.


Course 1: The basics of Crypto Currencies and Digital Assets

In this course you will get an understanding of the core concepts of digital assets, including how they are secured at a high level.


Course 2: Understanding how to Self-Custody Digital Assets

You will start with learning the fundamentals of good security, each topic will build your knowledge and confidence in how to securely store and control these assets by giving you an in depth understanding of methods for storing seedwords, passphrases and important digital information.


Course 3: A Blueprint for the Secure Storage of Digital Assets

This course takes the learnings from each prior course and provides you with a solution you can implement to store your digital assets using a secure approach. This blueprint also forms the foundation for the final course .


Course 4: Estate Planning – A Blueprint for the Transfer of Digital Assets

In this final course you are presented with a method which will allow for the secure transfer of your digital assets to your heirs or beneficiaries should the situation occur. Taking the learnings from prior courses  and building on our secure storage blueprint, you will utilise the tools we have put in place to create and implement a process which transfers important information to your trusted advisors and beneficiaries.


Course 5: Rapid Start: from Zero to Crypto (COMING SOON)

The fast and safe way to get started in the digital asset space. This is a quick start approach which will show you step by step how to purchase some Digital Assets and how to look after them the safe way.
If you are an absolute beginner then this is the quick start guide you need.

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